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We are hiring for Drivers!

We pay 50 percent of every completed trip. Our drivers are making between $750 to $950 per week!! Come join us today!
Here is what the requirements are:

TCMT Global Drivers Requirements:

  1. Copy of driver’s License
  2. Social security card copy
  3. First aid and cpr certificate
  4. Drug test (10 panel test)- you can get this done Anywhere; we use AnyLabTestNow
  5. PASS Basic training certificate
  6. Defensive driving certificate
  7. Vehicle insurance card
  8. Vehicle make,model,color,year and a picture of the registration sticker, license plate number and VIN

NOTE: The link for you to take the online tests required for numbers 3, 5 and 6 is below. Each test cost $15.

Please also be informed that the company will reimburse you for the cost of training and drug test( should you get this done and paid for yourself initially).This would be added to your first pay.